We offer our customers in the manufacturing sector expertise at every facet of their construction project. This includes overcoming challenges like the need to perform work in a sterile environment for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, to strategically planning and completing work for customers in the beverage and bottling industry so they can remain operational during their construction project.

No matter what goals our customers have for their manufacturing facility, Cristom develops the right construction plan to achieve them.

Our Expertise

Whether you want to renovate an old manufacturing facility or need to construct a new facility for your company, we are the team to help. Since 1997, we have been completing manufacturing construction projects with skill, speed, and safety. Your factory will be designed to last for years to come and to meet all your business and operation requirements.

Learn more about projects we have completed in the manufacturing industry here.

Our Design-Build Process

We can handle your complete design-build needs, pulling together teams of trusted, professional subcontractors to bring your project to life. If you already have plans in place, we can provide you with a comprehensive bid, thoroughly evaluating your construction objectives and identifying if any modifications are needed.  We leave no stone unturned, ensuring our customers never have to deal with an unexpected surprise midway through the construction process. We’ll work within your operating environment and meet your construction schedule so that you can open your new facility on-time and within budget.